Two-thirds of businesses don’t have a marketing strategy

Fresh Business Thinking May 4, 2016
Nearly two thirds of businesses in the UK have no marketing strategy in place for the year ahead, according to research by web design and marketing agency, Digimax.

Branding for Beginners

Business Zone March 29, 2016
A brand is not simply a logo and / or catchy name. It is an identity that reflects the character and quality of your business, product, or service – it is a promise to your clientele.

What Your Marketing Department Should Look Like in 2016

Business Zone March 23, 2016
New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t confined to individuals: even companies can benefit from a fresh take on things. One area that deserves special attention is the marketing department.

5 Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make: And Why You Need to Avoid Them

MinuteHack February 29, 2016
Without the benefit of a major marketing budget, small businesses can boost sales and encourage customer loyalty with a few neat (and low-cost) tricks.

What all hotel owners need to know about SEO

ehotelier February 29, 2016
Most hotels are listed on accommodation/booking portals, and I don’t dispute that guests love these websites are they’re a one-stop shop for practically every hotel in any destination. For hoteliers, however, there’s a glass ceiling: these listings can’t normally be customised to show how amazing their place truly is, and the portal takes a percentage of each booking. Surely there’s a way to reach

7 Surefire Ways to Destroy Your Business

Business Zone February 16, 2016
The Internet is jam packed with advice on how to start, grow, or maintain your business.If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably been on the prowl for solid marketing and management advice for some time. Every ‘guru’ has their own style and their own hit list of surefire, success guaranteed ways to end up on a beach sipping Mai Tais. In the end, don’t they seem to run together a bit? Wouldn

Getting Your Hotel on the Social Map February 18, 2016
The hospitality industry is a very old one. There have been hotels, inns, bed & breakfast establishments, and other hospitality locations for as long as weary travelers have needed a place to rest their heads. Because it is such an old industry, hospitality has historically been slow to catch up to modern marketing practices, in particular social media.

5 Branding Trends That Took Shape In 2015

MinuteHack February 5, 2016
From minimalism to content to remarketing, 2015 was a year that saw a few digital trends come to the fore. How had they impacted business and what’s in store for 2016?

5 marketing mistakes small businesses made in 2015 – and what we can learn from them

Business Zone January 7, 2016
Marketing is challenging in that there is no single ‘right’ way to promote a business. What works for your brand might not be as useful to another. Mistakes are different: they tend to apply across the board. Here are five marketing mistakes that small businesses frequently made in 2015, and what we can learn from them.

10 Marketing Mistakes of 2015

AWM Magazine January 13, 2015
It may seem tough to market a small business today. Despite being short on time and resources, you have to constantly master new technologies and communication platforms. There is also very little margin for error: one mistake can translate into a time-consuming setback.

To help you avoid the most common – and expensive – marketing pitfalls, Shaz Memon (founder of Digimax and an AWM columnist).

Developing a Dental Website May 15, 2014
An old website is like decaying teeth – a lot of people will struggle to look past it. Many existing patients and most new patients will visit your website and judge your practice accordingly.

Dentistry Business – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly February 13, 2014
Nilesh Parmar speaks to dental website designer Shaz Memon and tries to dispel the myths surrounding dental marketing and practice websites.

Light the way to a better marketing message

Business Matters May 26, 2012
Shaz Memon explains how the use of purchase beacons can improve your marketing investment.

Top 10 dental marketing New Year’s resolutions December 6, 2010
Let’s look at the top 10 New Year’s resolutions that can sharpen the business aspects of your practice – improving profitability, increasing exposure, and keeping your practice a cut above the competition.

Transferring Offline Marketing Principles To Your Internet Presence

Fresh Business Thinking December 18, 2009
In today’s competitive, global marketplace an online presence is essential to a successful business. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to recognise the vital need to transfer offline marketing principles to their online business persona. This article discusses how tried and tested offline principles can be transferred to your online presence.

James Caan awards website marketing account to rising star

Business Matters December 16, 2009

Dragon’s Den’s James Caan has handed the contract for revamping his personal and business website to digital marketing firm Digimax.